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Our mission focuses on providing medical services to people with disabilities in Southern Tanzania. Tanzania, as well as, other developing countries considers disabilities a curse and an unnecessary strain on the family resources. These children are usually discarded, disregarded and disrespected for the majority of their lives. They are given little to no access to medical care as healthy children are considered a priority given the perception of their ability to contribute to the family and society.  Thus, most the families are unaware of what they should do with their disabled and deny them  the basic needs, therefore many die before reaching  the age of five years.  Those that survive suffer in silence. With no voice.

Our mission brought individuals from a number of medical professions; occupational medicine, ophthalmology, family practice,  physiotherapist, neurology, obstetrics and gynecology, general surgery, disability medicine, pain management, pediatrics, pediatric surgery,  psychiatry and dental,  to treat those with special needs.



During this mission you will see a variety of people different physical and mental challenges such as cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism and those without limbs. Therefore most of the disabled in the villages suffer from specialized to common illnesses such as the following:
  •       Frequent malaria
  •          Typhoid fivers,
  •          Schistomiasis,
  •          Skin diseases,
  •          Worms of all kinds,
  •         Lack of minerals/vitamins,
  •         Epilepsy,
  •         Anemia/ malnutrition’s,
  •         Fungus,
  •         Rehabilitation needs and more

during the mission

You can make a


in someone's life

​Our goal is to see people with special needs leading ​

happy fulfilling lives by providing the urgent and critical medical ​

care these individuals need and lack access.

education. quality care . service.

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